Blood donation

Numerous people survive serious accidents and surgery every day thanks to blood transfusions. In many cases people need the blood of others to survive, which is why associations like ours collect blood.
At the moment we count ca. 500 donations per year. In principle, every healthy person with a minimum body weight of 50kg between the ages of 18 and 60 (multiple donors up to 70 years old) can donate their own blood.

However, before being able to donate blood, formalities must be completed: name and surname are recorded and a valid identity document must be presented, such as the membership card or identity card.
Those who donate their blood must absolutely be healthy. So you have to fill in a medical questionnaire to list for example any previous diseases.

The measurement of red blood cells is determined by measuring hemoglobin (= blood coloring substance). To do this, a drop of blood taken from the finger is sufficient. The nurse present measures the donor's blood pressure and pulse and talks with him about the completed questionnaire.
This interview establishes whether the person in question is eligible to donate blood. The next day, each blood sample is subjected to numerous laboratory analyzes regarding any infectious diseases such as the AIDS test, hepatitis B and C, syphilis and also the ALT (liver test) dosage.

If everything is regular, the blood is drawn.
All donor cards as well as the entire blood bag are marked with an identification code. In this way an exchange of data and matter is excluded.
Now you can take a seat on one of the free loungers. To avoid any misunderstanding, the name and signature check are requested again. Within ca. 7 - 10 minutes after inserting the needle, 450 ml of blood flows out. For the donation, only disposable sterilized material is used to rule out any possibility of disease transmission.

At the end of the sampling, it is advisable to lie on the bed for another 5 or 10 minutes to feel in good shape again. Then comes the most awaited event by all: the spaghetti!


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The spaghettata

Together with an excellent plate of spaghetti like Naples or Bolognese, a small glass of wine or simply mineral water is served. At the end of the evening, a good Italian coffee and a bottle of wine are offered to each donor.
Come along and come and visit us with your friends! Do good to yourself and your neighbor. Your AVIS team.