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A.V.I.S stands for: Italian Blood Volunteers Association. Our headquarters in the canton of Zug was started in Cham in 1972. We organize blood collections four times a year in the center of the AVIS association at Gewerbestrasse 8, Cham together with the Internal Blood Regional Donor Service of Switzerland. Only the first collection of the year in January takes place in the classroom of the Acher school building in Unterägeri. During the evening, a group of specialized nurses from the Lucerne hospital take care of donors while the AVIS team takes care of everyone's gastronomic well-being.


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Why should I donate my blood?

Human blood is a natural product, not artificially reproducible and indispensable for life. Donating blood is a voluntary and free act, it is a civic duty, it is a concrete manifestation of solidarity towards others, it enhances the value of life, breaks down the barriers of race, religion or ideology and represents one of the few moments of true preventive medicine . It is an act of extreme generosity that allows you to save the lives of other people. Just the fact that blood is rare implies the need to make it available to other individuals who may be in need. Think you're in their place

Why are AVIS donors periodical?

Because the primary and fundamental objective is SECURITY. AVIS's activity is aimed at promoting a "safe" blood donation and effectively responding to the needs of the targeted and therefore programmed needs of the Transfusion Services, according to the "security" objective. AVIS includes only periodic donors among its ranks, that is donors who go to transfusion facilities at regular intervals to donate their blood. Unlike occasional donors, periodic donors are very controlled from a medical point of view, they are constantly subjected to an accurate visit and careful checks on their blood and since their choice to donate is free, not conditioned by other factors such as emotional ones , are much more reliable than occasional donors. Avis donors are also anonymous, unpaid volunteers, responsible. The use of periodic donors also allows: greater scheduling of blood collection possible "conversion" from traditional donation of whole blood to differentiated by apheresis also management of emergency situations - emergencies to carry out health education and health promotion

What advantages do I have to register for AVIS?

Our slogan reads "donate blood: a choice for others, a choice for oneself". At the individual level there is the moral gratification of contributing to the solution of a serious problem and the pride of belonging to an active component of social and health volunteering, decisive for the construction of the transfusion system. In addition, donating blood regularly guarantees the donor constant control of his health through medical examinations and accurate laboratory tests, performed at each sampling.

Is the privacy of my analysis results guaranteed?

The medical secret and the "Privacy" law, which identifies the "figures" responsible for the processing of the data in question, ensures maximum discretion and secrecy of all health aspects and the results of the analyzes carried out.

Is donating blood harmful to health?

Thanks to careful selection for a healthy adult, blood donation does not involve any risk. There are precise provisions that regulate the collection of blood: the amount of blood that is collected on average for each sampling is minimal and is established by law in 450 cubic centimeters +/- 10%. At least 90 days must elapse between one whole blood donation. The annual frequency of donations must not exceed 4 in men and 2 in women of childbearing age. The checks and periodic visits to each donor before each donation are a preventive medicine tool, to protect the donor's general health.